Louis Saha | FIFA futbol tv, May 2012

Louis Saha with his editor and translator, Georgia de Chamberet from BookBlast® Ltd, filmed May 2012 for the football-related magazine show, FIFA Futbol Mundial, produced by IMG Sports Media in conjunction with FIFA. The short film includes footage of him at work with his editor and at a book signing held in Jubilee Place, Canary Wharf on 23 April 2012. His memoirsThinking Inside the Box are published by Vision Sports.

Journey Into the Mind's Eye 1 | BBC Radio 3, Interval, Jun. 1999

When a friend of Lesley Blanch's parents whom she only ever referred to as 'The Traveller' visited them in Chiswick, full of the fairytales of Russia and bearing gifts of Fabergé eggs and icons, he instilled in her a lifelong passion. She was twenty when he swept out of her life, leaving her in the grip of a tremendous obsession. We now know that he was Theodore Komisarjevsky who brought director's theatre to England from Russia in 1919, and trained John Gielgud and Peggy Ashcroft.

Journey Into the Mind's Eye 2 | BBC Radio 3, Interval, Feb. 2002

'The Traveller' took Lesley to Paris, accompanied by a chaperone, but still managed to seduce her. Theatre director, Theodore Komisarjevsky brought Chekhov to British audiences. Diaghilev and Rachmaninov were among his circle, and Lesley attended a Ballets Russes rehearsal.

Anne Sebba, author of Les Parisiennes & Georgia de Chamberet at Waterstones, Piccadilly, 12.1.17

Their discussion focused on trailblazing women of our time, Lesley Blanch's escape from Edwardian surburbia, the theatre between the wars, married life with diplomat-novelist Romain Gary . . . The Balkans, Russia and the Middle East in the 1950s. The talk ended with the question, "What is a bohemian?" followed by a Q&A with the audience.

Gael Elton Mayo, writer, photographer and artist | BBC Radio 4, Start the Week, Mar. 1983

Gael Elton Mayo, writer, photographer and artist, talks about her memoir The Mad Mosaic, fifties Europe, Magnum Photos and Robert Capa, and her long fight against cancer. Interviewer: Richard Baker.

Mounsi interviewed by Harriett Gilbert | The Word, BBC World Service, 2003

Originally showcased in XCiTés – The Flamingo Book of New French writing, Mounsi's award-winning novel The Demented Dance (La Noce des Fous) is published by BlackAmber/Arcadia Books.

Writers' France: The Riviera | BBC Radio 4, Jan. 1998

An overview of the Romantic Riviera of The Ballets Russes, Scott Fitzgerald, Somerset Maugham and Katherine Mansfield. Includes an interview with Lesley Blanch.

DJ Tov reads from Lost in Music published in XCiTés — The Flamingo Book of New French Writing (1999)

SUNDAY GLASGOW HERALD – French writing in translation by a new generation which aims to smash the sterotypes