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BookBlast® Limited is creative company founded by Georgia de Chamberet and friends in 1997, with a mission to foster cultural understanding by breaking or relaunching high-quality writing and diverse voices from around the world into the mainstream.

The BookBlast® portfolio of book businesses specifically includes the online journal BookBlast® Diary; BookBlast® Podcast; a Legacy Agency & the company's digital publishing arm BookBlast® ePublishing. For more details please see What is BookBlast?

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The BookBlast® Diary


Indulgent Reads for Independent Minds

Think of the BookBlast® Diary as a virtual book club, where readers can discover new and emerging authors, and explore different genres, from fiction to non-fiction, poetry, memoirs, young adult and more.

A unique voice in the literary world, BB Diary’s eclectic mix of alternative reads on offer from independent publishers, in-depth interviews with authors and translators, articles focusing on Francophone literature, and Spotlight features about the book trade, are slow reads to be savoured.

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MacLehose Press – “Brilliant work. And what work. Huge salutes”
Maggie Gee, novelist & Professor of Creative Writing at Bath Spa University – “A true lover of writing and writers”
Starhaven Press — "Enterprising. Dedicated. Tireless”
Claire Armitstead, The Guardian – “Excellent work”

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The BookBlast® Podcast

Our response to enforced confinement because of the unprecedented Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemic was to create and release a special 15-part podcast series, Bridging the Divide: Translation & The Art of Empathy.

Hosted by editor, Georgia de Chamberet, and journalist, Lucy Popescu, the podcast line-up features award-winning authors from across Europe, including Lars Mytting, J.S. Margot, Tahar Ben Jelloun, and Tommy Wieringa, as well as interviews with their publishers Adam Freudenheim, Philip Gwyn Jones and the publisher behind Nordic Noir, Christopher MacLehose.

Boyd Tonkin, The Arts Desk – “A great line-up – congratulations!”


The series follows on from the success of the first BookBlast® 10x10 Tour, in association with Waterstones, around the regions of England.

Editing & Francophone Translation Services

We are familiar with publishing standards and conventions, and are skilled at translating ideas into engaging content.

  • We can evaluate and/or translate French-language texts;
  • Troubleshoot problematic manuscripts;
  • Ghostwrite or mentor translation projects;
  • Identify and eliminate repetition, inaccuracies and improve word choice;
  • Copy edit your translation for accurate English usage.

  • Find Out More

Legacy Agency

We can offer advice and suggestions to literary estate holders, or point you towards organisations that have the appropriate knowledge.

We administer the literary estates of distinguished writers and thinkers Lesley Blanch, Professor George Elton Mayo and Gael Elton Mayo.

Please read the Society of Authors' Guide on Copyright and Permissions before making your enquiry.