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Bridging the Divide: Translation and the Art of Empathy

Our latest BookBlast® Podcast series champions independent publishers, their authors and translators, in conversation with Georgia de Chamberet and Lucy Popescu


Kirsty Gunn, novelist and writer of short stories – “I LOVE this! Will get the word about . . .”
Peggy Hughes, Programme Director, National Centre for Writing – “Nicely done . . . great to be working on something positive for you, writers and listeners: everyone wins!”
Eland Publishing – “The podcasts have cast an invaluable light on a niche subject: translation in publishing. For us specifically, the Nicolas Bouvier/Eland podcast has provided both an interesting and useful record of the author, that could be a beneficial tool for research in the future and a documentation of both our editor and translator in conversation; live events are not usually caught in this way. The fact that the interviewee is given space to talk at length on a subject means that these podcasts could be used for students of publishing, literature and/or translation alongside the information given about a specific author.”


The BookBlast® 10x10 Tour

The BookBlast® 10x10 Tour in association with Waterstones

A celebration of independent publishing

10 publishers, 10 cities, in 10 weeks FULL PROGRAMME

Ten risk-taking, innovative publishers and their authors, poets and translators visited nine major cities across England over ten weeks. The tour inspired readers to sample writing and ideas from the Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean — Find Out More

Lisa Appignanesi – “Congratulations from @RSLiterature on your great tour.”


Visibility for the publishers and their authors-translators was enhanced, with their books displayed in participating Waterstones flagship stores, and reviewed or included in round ups in the quality broadsheets including Sunday Times Culture, Telegraph Review, Observer and i-newspaper among others.

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