THE BOOKBLAST® 10×10 TOUR in association with Waterstones

Catherine Fuller, Projects Manager, Society of Authors — "It was good to discover indie publishers I did not know about thanks to the 10x10 Tour."


A carnival of authors, poets, translators and publishers, under the banner of BookBlast® writing agency, travelled to major cities across the nine regions of England in Autumn 2018, showcasing some of the finest independent-spirited literature and poetry being published today.

An interview with Robert Elms at BBC Radio London is HERE

A selection of featured books have subsequently been longlisted for the EBRD International literary prize (No. 3 Shatila Stories translated by Nashwa Gowanlock, Peirene Press) and the Republic of Consciousness Prize for Small Presses 2019 (Lucia by Alex Pheby, Galley Beggar Press; and Doppelgänger by Daša Drndić, translated by Celia Hawkesworth & S. D. Curtis, Istros Books).

On 14 December 2018, The Bookseller news team announced a new prize category "Small Press of the Year" in the British Book Awards 2019 (aka The Nibbies). The shorlist announced by Natasha Onwuemezi on 22 February 2019 includes 6 of the 10 publishers on the inaugural 10x10 Tour.

Steven Cooper, Head of Events, Waterstones HQ — “The 10x10 Tour brought authors into our shops who would never normally have visited and, as such, brought new customers into our shops. It helped us to build relationships with indie publishers and hopefully showed them that Waterstones is open to collaboration. Georgia's vision and enthusiasm drove this project, both in terms of its conception and placing, and also in promotion and selling tickets.”

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Our successful Kickstarter 10x10 Tour campaign raised funds for the podcasts.

A big thank you to Sue Amaradivakara at the PR Collective for her superb nationwide campaign promoting the 10x10 Tour.

We thank our sponsors at The Miles Morland Foundation, our nine anonymous donors, and Kickstarter campaign donors, along with our supporting partners, for their confidence in our work. Our vision here at BookBlast® would not have become a reality without their active contribution and commitment enabling us to make The BookBlast® 10×10 Tour happen.

Eric Lane (Chair), with Andrew Crumey, Margaret Jull Costa

Dedalus Books — "We recommend BookBlast for their commitment and energy"

11.09.18 | Waterstones Bloomsbury London WC1 | Book info

Kevin Duffy (Chair), with Dan Micklethwaite, Colette Snowden

Bluemoose Books — "The tour increased our profile due to good PR"

12.09.18 | Waterstones Newcastle | Book info

Ra Page (Chair), C.D. Rose, Ian Duhig

Comma Press — "The enthusiasm and social media posting were good. BB's dedication to supporting and platforming indies and bringing us all together nationally in this way was a good idea"

20.09.18 | Waterstones Leeds | Book info

David Norris (Chair), Christina Pribićević-Zorić, Georgia de Chamberet

Istros Books — "It was great to be part of an international campaign and some useful new contacts were made"

27.09.18 | Waterstones Nottingham | Book info

Meike Ziervogel (Chair), Jamie Bulloch, Nashwa Gowanlock

Peirene Press — "Well done! The podcasts give longevity to the talks and the tour as a whole"

04.10.18 | Waterstones Brighton | Book info

Sam Jordison (Chair), Alex Pheby, Paul Stanbridge, Paul Ewen

Galley Beggar Press — "The tour got our authors into a shop we've never been able to do an event in. It got our books in the window of the shop. There was some great publicity beforehand (being on the local BBC was excellent for us.) The event itself went really well, was enjoyable for our authors and brought a big crowd to our books"

11.10.18 | Buy Tickets | Book info

Rosemarie Hudson (Chair), Peter Kalu, Qaisra Shahraz

HopeRoad — "The tour added value by way of PR and visibility, it is good someone is out there giving indie publishers a helping hand"

18.10.18 | Waterstones Bristol | Book info

Elizabeth Briggs (Chair), Nafeesa Hamid, Aliyah Holder

Saqi Books — "It was wonderful to connect with other indie publishers and local audiences, something which we are rarely able to do ourselves, and we increased online visibility"

25.10.18 | Waterstones Birmingham | Book info

Roh-Suan Tung (Chair), Yan Ge, Nicky Harman

Balestier Press — "I found the campaign inspirational and great value. BookBlast has a passionate team, and has done excellent help for independent publishing"

01.11.18 | Waterstones Liverpool | Book info

Michael Schmidt (Chair), Jane Draycott, Jenny Lewis

Carcanet Press — "The tour fostered a real sense of community and involvement between independent publishing and the public. We had increased sales: event stock and further online sales in response to the marketing."

08.11.18 | Waterstones Manchester, Deansgate | Book info




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