The BookBlast® 10x10 Tour Podcasts (LIVE)

Produced by Ben Fiagbe | Presented by Georgia de Chamberet

Podcast #1 | Independence: A Permanent Revolution

Podcast #2 | The Northern Influence on Culture

Podcast #3 | Birmingham & Leeds: A Tale of Two Cities

Podcast #4 | The End of the World? How the Balkans writes the Holocaust

Podcast #5 | Inside Out: Voices of the Diaspora

podcast #6 | All Hail the New Modernists!

Podcast #7 | Trading Places: Bright City, Dark Secrets

Podcast #8 | #MeToo Moments: Men Behaving Badly in China

Podcast #9 | The Things I Would Tell You: British Muslim Women Write

Podcast #10 | Claiming the Great Tradition: Women Recalibrate the Classics

Podcast #11 | Influx Press, Istros Books, Saqi Books under the Westway, London W10