We specialise in B2B agenting for publishers, with a focus on selling foreign rights to France; and for the French into the UK.

Not looking at unsolicited new material for the time being.

Currently managing three Literary Estates.

Notable successes: French language rights sold for Virago: On the Wilder Shores of Love: A Bohemian Life by Lesley Blanch; La Table Ronde, Paris will publish in 2018 | US & Canada rights sold in collaboration with United Agents: Journey Into The Mind's Eye by Lesley Banch; New York Review of Books Classics, New York, will publish in 2018 | WEL rights: Far To Go and Many To Love: People and Places by Lesley Blanch; Quartet Books, London, will publish in 2017 | WEL rights: Pierre Janet by Elton Mayo; reissued by Routledge/Taylor & Francis and Harvard University Press in 2013. French language rights sold for The Blair Partnership in Thinking Inside the Box by Louis Saha; Anne Carrière, Paris, published in 2012 under the title Du Quartier aux étoiles: le safari du footballeur.

BookBlast also offers editorial and translation services for publishing and writing professionals at reasonable rates. Please see editorial services.

Permission to use copyright material -

All requests for permission to use copyright material should contain the following information:
* Name and address of applicant/author/publisher;
* Full details of material to be reproduced including a word count;
* Title of book, article etc (material in which extract in question appears);
* Reason for permission (please be specific);
* For illustrations and photographs a copy of the image in question is to be supplied;
* Publisher / Title / Price / expected date of publication / estimated first print-run of book / format; ( e.g. hardback, paperback, book club, electronic etc);
* Territory;
* Proposed fee.
Requests can be submitted by email to We do not open attachments.



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