We all want a good story, told well. Editing is crucial and can make the difference between the success or failure of a book. An editor is an invaluable “second eye,” a trusted sounding board, a gentle critic, who offers encouragement and helps the author write his or her best possible book.

Editing services offered by BookBlast™ — structural editing | rewriting & ghostwriting | mentoring | manuscript assessment | blog posts & content creation.

Copy-editing — we make sure that the raw text, or copy, is correct in terms of spelling, grammar and consistency, is factually accurate and easy to read. What does copy editing entail? A careful read-through of a manuscript checking for grammatical and spelling mistakes. Repetition and inconsistencies are highlighted and spelling standardised. We read as a reader and give constructive feedback where necessary. Copy editing is a time-consuming task. It is essential for any writer wanting to produce work to a professional, publishable standard.

Recent clients — Maclehose Press, Darf Publishers …

Structural Editing (recent) — Lesley Blanch, Far to Go and Many to Love: People and Places (Quartet Books, 2017); Oyungerel Tsedevdamba & Jeffrey L. Falt, The Green-Eyed Lama: Love and Betrayal in Mongolia (in English for Grasset & Fasquelle, Paris, June, 2017); Lesley Blanch, On the Wilder Shores of Love: A Bohemian Life (Virago, Little Brown, 2015; PB Jan, 2017); Louis Saha, Thinking Inside the Box: Reflections on Life as a Premier League Footballer (Visions Sports Publishing); Ashkan Kooshanejad & Negar Shaghaghi, No One Knows About Persian Cats (Florent Massot éditions, Paris).

We do not charge a submission fee, or provide a quote subject to sudden changes or hidden costs.

Editor-in-Chief, international fiction in translation, éditions Grasset & Fasquelle, Paris, 09 September 2015 at 10:09 — 'The text which you edited for us is perfect. You've done a great job and can be proud of yourself.'