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BookBlast is a boutique agency which focuses on a small number of clients. The UK, US and France are the regions where we are most active.

We offer B2B editing services and French-to-English translation.

From December 2014, BookBlast ePublishing will release ebook Classics and new writing from the outside looking in.

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Editing & mentoring services

Do you have a loose baggy monster of a book which needs trimming and taming? Are plot, voice, tension and pacing problematic? Do you need substantive editing, rewriting, or copy editing? BookBlast has the answers!

Or are you looking for an experienced bi-lingual editor with a sound track record of working with publishers and agents?

Recent credits: editing the late Lesley Blanch’s memoir On the Wilder Shores of Love: A Bohemian Life | Virago, Little Brown UK |15 January 2015.

Writing coach, editor, translator working with The Blair's Partnership's client, Louis Saha, (French former professional footballer), on his idiosyncratic, intriguing memoir, Thinking Inside the Box. Published by Vision Sports and Anne Carrière.


The French Connection

BookBlast offers French-to-English translation services & consultancy.

Recent translation credits: Louis Saha's Thinking Inside The Box. Sample translations for: Éditions Flammarion, Éditions L'Iconoclaste, the Lhoist Group Corporate Art collection.

Mentoring Ashkan Kooshanejad & Negar Shaghaghi as they wrote their memoir, No One Knows About Persian Cats for Éditions Florent Massot. Translation consultancy for Vermilion/Random House and Éditions Gallimard in Paris, (read-through with author Claude Lanzmann of the English translation of his memoir The Patagonian Hare - Atlantic UK/Farrar Straus Giroux US).

Reader's Reports: Harvill Secker, Mulcahy Conway Associates, Serpent's Tail, Eland Books, PEN Translates!

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We handle the negotiation and administration of intellectual property rights for a select number of estates.

Lesley Blanch, (1904-2007), influenced and inspired generations of writers, readers and critics.

If they have heard of Lesley Blanch, most people today associate her with bestseller, The Wilder Shores of Love. Her writing brings to life Russia and the Middle East as they once were, before bombs and fundamentalism became daily news. But there is more to her than that: her life reads like a novel, see lesleyblanch.com

MAUREEN CLEAVE, DAILY TELEGRAPH - A scholarly romantic in a school of her own, the depth of Lesley Blanch's research is such that other writers plunder her books shamelessly.

Her literary executor is Georgia de Chamberet. Her literary estate is represented by United Agents, e: CMacarthur@unitedagents.co.uk or Giles Smart (dramatic rights) e: gsmart@unitedagents.co.uk | The Joy Harris Literary Agency 381 Park Avenue South, Suite 428 New York, NY 10016 e: contact@jhlitagent.com | Translation Rights are handled by the Intercontinental Literary Agency e: Mary.Esdaile@ila-agency.co.uk

Psychologist, sociologist and management guru, Professor George Elton Mayo, (1880-1949), is famous for the Hawthorne studies, a landmark in industrial psychology.

Elton Mayo features in The Economist Guide to Management Ideas and Gurus by Tim Hindle (Profile Books). His literary estate is represented by BookBlast Ltd. The Human Problems of an Industrial Civilization and The Social Problems of an Industrial Civilization (including The Political Problems of Industrial Civilization) are in print with Routledge/Taylor & Francis. The Psychology of Pierre Janet was reprinted in 2013 and is also available as an e-book.

Reprint rights were granted in March 2014 to PreMediaGlobal, 4 Collins Avenue, Plymouth, MA 02360 USA for the inclusion of Chapter 3 The Hawthorne Experiment, Western Electric Company from Elton Mayo’s The Human Problems of an Industrial Civilization in textbook Classics of Organization Theory, 8e, by Shafritz (Wadsworth/Cengage Learning).

Gael Elton Mayo, (1923-92). Writer, photographer and artist who worked for Picture Post and as writer-researcher for Magnum Photographers in Paris, with Robert Capa, David Seymour and Henri Cartier Bresson.

THE TIMES - Gael Elton Mayo's three volumes of autobiography are among the best of our time. For all their own charm and grace, these books have a classical hold on that marriage between love and death which is the right stuff for literature.


Writers' Agency

Our interest lies in non fiction, (memoir, autobiography, travel, popular culture), at any stage of development.

We consider new clients by recommendation. We are happy to consider initial inquiries although we are not taking new clients, or looking at new projects, in the traditional sense.

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BookBlast ePublishing | ebooks for the discerning reader

The new boutique ebook imprint, BookBlast ePublishing, actively encourages good, well-edited writing. Our tastes are eclectic. We aim to showcase timeless writing - classics - alongside a limited number of new authors - fresh cuts - in order to maximise the potential of each project

We bring traditional book publishing knowledge to the digital community: high quality cover design; professional editing, formatting; focused categorisation on the retailer's site to aid discoverability and visibility; PR and social media strategy.As success grows rights can be sold on to an external publisher.

Our first ‘classic’ title The Wilder Shores of Love by Lesley Blanch is now available for readers to purchase in the Kindle Store on Amazon UK | France | US | Germany | The print edition is published in paperback by Phoenix, Orion UK and Simon & Schuster US with an Introduction by Naomi Wolf.